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Founded in 1973, The Pas Roadrunners Swim Club was founded as a competitive swim club for athletes of all ages.  Our mission has been to provide the opportunity for youth to achieve their maximum potential both physically and mentally through the sport of competitive swimming.

Swimming Pool


Coach Nick profile image
Nick Popiel
Head Coach

Over 10 years coaching with TPRR, Nick comes from a swimming background with the North York Aquatic Club in Ontario where he swam at the Age Group Provincial level.  At that time, he was a flyer, and backstroker.  After taking a good number of years away from the sport, he realized that just wasn’t going to cut it.

Coach Emily profile image
Emily Doucette
Assistant Coach, Comp 1/2

This is Emily's 4th year of coaching with TPRR.  She began her swimming career with the Roadrunners at age 7.  She qualified for her first junior national meet at 14 and, shortly after, moved to Winipeg to train with the Manta Swim Club. Emily attended the Universtiy of MIssourri on a swimming scholarship, where she earned All-American honours.  With her elite swimming background, she is an invaluable member of the coaching staff.  She is Swim 101 certified.  Emily still has a deep love for the sport, and also coaches the NorMan Masters Swim Club

Coach Alex profile image
Alex Battams
Assistant Coach - Dev 3

Alex swam as a Roadrunner from 2014 to 2023.  Alex has been coaching the development program since 2019.  Alex has completed his WSI and the Swim 101 coach certification.  He has an easy-going nature, and a wealth of swimming experience to share with the team.

Coach Kelly profile image
Kelly Petryk 
Assistant Coach - Dev 2

Kelly is a new additon to the TPRR Coaching staff for the 2023-2024 season.  Kelly has a background both in competitive swimming and snychro swimming.  She is swim 101 certified, and is a member of the NorMan Masters Swim Club.  Kelly has a deep appreciation for the sport, and has been a vital parent volunteer over past number of years.  With her dedication to the club, and swimming knowledge, she is a welcome addition. 

Coach Owen profile image
Owen Kerr
Assistant Coach 

Owen is a new addition to the TPRR Coaching Staff for this upcoming year. Owen is WSI certified, and he has completed the Swim 101 Course. Owen swam as a Roadrunner from 2014 to 2023 specializing in breaststroke. Owen brings both great technical knowledge, and patience to the pool deck and will be helping out with all groups as an additional coach for the 2023-2024 swim season.  




This an entry-level group for beginner swimmers.  Swimmers should be independent swimmers, comfortable in the deep-end, with the ability to swim 25m on front or back. Level 4 Red Cross is strongly recommended.



Swim up to three times a week, and begin to acquire basic swim stroke mechanics for  freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke. Swimmers are introduced to the competitive turns, and dives. The focus is on fun and learning the basic stroke technique.  

1st and 2nd year swimmers.



Swimmers should have basic proficiency in freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke and a basic endurance of at least 50m.


Swim up to three times a week, and begin to acquire basic swim stroke mechanics for all strokes, in order of importance, freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly. Swimmers should begin to demonstrate the ability to perform competitive turns, and dives.  Swimmers are working on building endurance up to 100m and demonstrate a willingness to race.  


Usually 2nd-3rd year of swimming.



Swimmers should have the basic ability to swim all four strokes, turns, starts, and endurance to swim 100m for freestyle.  


Swim up to three times a week. These swimmers are still very much concentrated on improving technique, but are also introduced to more rigorous training, and race strategy. 

Usually 2nd or 3rd year of swimming.



Swimmers should be fully proficient in all strokes, turns, dives, and able to swim 200 free under 4mns and 100IM under 2mns.


Swim up to 5 hours a week, plus dryland. Swimmers are expected to be motivated and ready to work hard.  Focus is still very much on improving technique, but also getting faster through speed work, cardio endurance, and strength training. A far greater fitness level is required for this group, and a desire to train to race. The key to success in this group is attendance, focus, and effort.

Comp 1 swimmers are seeking to qualify for Junior A provincials.

Usually 11 years and up.



Comp 2 is for A or AA qualifiers. This group is for the highly motivated and committed swimmer ready to train at a high volume and intensity. These swimmers are expected to truly push themselves both in the pool and dryland.  



The focus is on improving detailed technique, and race strategy in order to compete at an elite level.   

Usually 12 and up.

Group designation is based primarily on ability and not age or number of years of experience and is at the Coach's discrestion.



254 Grace Lake Road

The Pas, Manitoba R0B 2J0

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